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50 years of Berghof Foundation

In 2021, the Berghof Foundation marked 50 years of conflict transformation.

For the anniversary, the Berghof Foundation reflected on its journey since 1971, but is continuing to expand its focus by tackling some of today's key challenges.

Learn more in our recently published book 50 Years of Conflict Transformation.

Anniversary event series

To mark our anniversary, throughout 2021 to now, we are continuing to work with our partners on a series of events that showcase the connections between conflict transformation and other fields – from climate change to constitution-making. By bringing leading experts together for exchange and learning, we are helping to bridge gaps and promote joined-up engagement on topics of critical importance. Watch all videos on our Youtube channel.

Women's rights in areas controlled by armed and political movements: 8 December

During the event, experts discussed the participation and protection of women within political and armed groups in Myanmar.

Climate change, environmental degradation and conflict: 2 December

An expert panel discussion was held on on the overlapping crises of environmental degradation, climate change and violent conflict, and measures to mitigate against them.

Observation and monitoring mechanisms in conflict de-escalation: 27 October

At the event, international experts addressed the question of approaches to support conflict parties in finding mutually acceptable strategies of de-escalation.

Women faith-based mediators: Innovation through tradition? 18 October

At the event, we discussed with female mediation experts from around the world the specific innovation potential of women faith-based mediators.

Libya – quo vadis? 14 October

At the event, we discussed the challenges and opportunities for peace in Libya.

Where next for peacebuilding in Yemen: 28 September

We held an expert discussion analysing the lessons learnt from our ten-year-long engagement with PDF-Yemen throughout the different stages of the Yemeni peace and dialogue processes.

Human rights and conflict mediation: 22 June

During this event, we discussed the integration and role of human rights in mediation and peace processes.

Breaking the vicious cycle: 9 June

How can anti-corruption measures be integrated in peace processes? At this event, we discussed possible entry points for anti-corruption in peacebuilding.

Exploring pathways to peace for Ukraine: 7 April

At this event, we aimed to gain a better understanding of how peacebuilding approaches can contribute to an improvement of the current situation in Ukraine.

Gender-Climate-Conflict: 30 March

Why does gender matter when looking at climate change and conflict? Why is it so often overlooked? This online panel explores the triple nexus of gender, climate and conflict.

After the elections in Somalia: 15 March

The current federal election process is the fifth one since the formation of the first transitional Somali government in 2000. Our guests at this panel discussion talked about key priorities for the future government.

Yemen and its environment: 2 March

The conflict in Yemen is playing out in one of the world’s most water-scarce countries, where natural disasters, such as cyclones and flooding, are becoming more frequent and more destructive for both Yemenis and their environment. In this panel discussion, experts are discussing about the environmental dimensons to conflict and peacebuilding in Yemen.

Knowledge for a complex world: 25 November

Climate change, the global pandemic, and protracted violent conflicts stress the need to rethink the ways of providing peace and security. In this panel discussion, peace education experts and peace researchers initiated a dialogue on how both disciplines can find joint ways to cope with these new challenges.

Georgian-Abkhaz conflict – How to regain confidence: 30 June

In a conflict dating back to pre-Soviet times which erupted into war in the 1990s and again in 2008, both sides lack a common understanding of how relationships could be restored. This panel discussion explored efforts to change those dynamics.

Beyond men – Challenging gendered dynamics of conflict transformation: 22 June

This panel discussion with leading peacebuilders, mediators, negotiators and policy makers examined the frequently overlooked gender dynamics of conflict transformation.

Constituent Chile – International experiences of dialogues and constituent processes: 16 June

Chile's constituent process is historic and unique, and this event with the Nansen Center shared experiences from other countries that can serve to reinforce its success.

Perspectives from India: 16 June

Distinguished experts and practitioners from India shared insights on India as an actor in the international peacebuilding scene, as part of our Global Conflict Transformation Series.

Youth and armed conflict – Aspirations, agency and space for transformation: 27 May

Our online panel discussion featured a diversity of views on the trajectories and opportunities for young people in transforming armed conflict.

Protest movements in the Arab World – Opportunities, challenges and prospects for the protest movements in Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan: 20 May

At this online event featuring renowned mediator Lakhdar Brahimi, experts and activists from the Middle East examined current developments in the region.

Perspectives from South Africa: 10 May

The kick-off session of our Global Conflict Transformation Series saw experts from South Africa sharing their perspectives on conflict transformation in a multipolar world.

Making peace with the climate – Water crises as entry points for conflict resolution: 22 March

At this online event for World Water Day experts discussed water conflicts and conflict resolution approaches.

Climate change impacts on conflict – Moving from acknowledgement to action: 25 February

Organised with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), this event gathered experts on climate change and peacebuilding to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for both disciplines.

Constitutions and peace processes: 28 January

Organised with the UN Mediation Support Unit, the event featured a panel discussion among renowned mediation and constitution experts and also saw the launch of a publication, Constitutions and Peace Processes: A Primer.