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Berghof turns 50: Looking back at our history

13 October 1971 is the day we were founded. To celebrate our anniversary, we will revisit key moments of Berghof’s history, and take a look at the years to come.

  • feature 13 Oct 2021

Berghof Foundation marks 50 years of peacebuilding

Looking on from the 50th anniversary, four prominent challenges feature among Berghof’s top priorities in dealing with the complex root causes of conflicts.

  • press release 13 Oct 2021

A call to rethink Europe's 'counter-terrorism' strategy and prioritise dialogueJoint statement by peace and conflict resolution organisations

Seven peace organisations are calling on Europe to prioritise dialogue with armed groups and ensure legal routes for peace and mediation actors to engage with them

  • press release 10 Sep 2021

New cooperation agreement to establish Transitional Justice HubBMZ, Berghof Foundation to deepen joint work on dealing with the past

The Hub will promote exchange, dialogue, and research on topics such as remembrance, good governance, trauma healing, and social cohesion in post-conflict settings.

  • press release 12 Aug 2021

Peace education meets religion, online event, 23 SeptA virtual and interactive launch of manual

Join the virtual launch of our ‘Peace Education meets Religion’ manual and an interactive introductory workshop on 23 September 2021

  • feature 10 Aug 2021

Yemen – A multi-track approach

We support the peace process in Yemen through a multi-track approach, engaging national, regional, and local actors to overcome divisions through inclusive dialogue.

  • feature 19 Jul 2021

Digitaler Salon: Platforms in conflict - Online event on 28 JulyThe role of social media for conflict and peace

Join a panel discussion (in German) on how social media has polarised societies, how to govern platforms and how to utilise them for peace.

  • feature 9 Jul 2021

Seven lessons for inclusive local governance and peacebuilding in YemenInternational support to local governance

These emerging lessons can help inform Yemeni policy makers thinking about local governance and international actors looking to mitigate the impact of conflict.

  • blog post 29 Jun 2021
  • Author(s) Katharina Jautz, Joshua Rogers

Germany’s longest military mission endsWhat was achieved – and will remain for Afghanistan?

As Germany withdraws its forces from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years, what was achieved – and what will remain?

  • blog post 21 Jun 2021
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann

Oman: Bridging to peace

In a new paper, Professor Abdullah Baabood examines Oman’s role in brokering peace in its neighbour, Yemen.

  • feature 16 Jun 2021
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