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Hans Grundberg, United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen

“Today’s mediators need to have integrity, empathy and courage”We interviewed Hans Grundberg, the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, at The Berlin Moot

United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg spoke with the Berghof Foundation at The Berlin Moot on what it takes to be a good mediator.

  • feature 22 Jul 2024
Andrew Gilmour

"It is imperative to avoid tackling climate change in ways that unwittingly increase risks of violent conflict"

While it has been established that climate change contributes to conflict, less recognised is how the energy transition can have similarly destabilising effects.

  • blog post 18 Jul 2024
  • Author(s) Andrew Gilmour
A Syrian Kurdish family, fled from clashes between ISIL militants and PYD forces, carry their belongings_picture alliance.

Video: Climate and peace in the Middle EastHow can climate action support peacebuilding objectives?

Watch our event recording to learn about the intersection of climate action and peacebuilding in the Middle East.

  • event 25 Jun 2024
In Somalia, climate change impacts from droughts and floods pose the most severe hazards to the country.

Climate compass: Navigating mediation challenges in a warming world

The task of integrating climate awareness into peacebuilding processes is not always easy. Read our climate expert Thomas Ritzer's guide to climate-smart mediation.

  • blog post 28 May 2024
  • Author(s) Thomas Ritzer
Our insider mediator network in Harare, Zimbabwe at our workshop with Africa University on environmental peacebuilding.

Tackling environmental degradation togetherInsider mediators work on environmental peacebuilding in Zimbabwe

Local mediators analysed the relationship between climate change and conflicts in their regions at a workshop that we co-hosted with Africa University in Harare.

  • feature 24 May 2024
Our "Business for peacemaking" session at The Berlin Moot explored how the private sector can be best leveraged for peace.

Peacemakers call for more international cooperation to end conflicts

With the global defence budget jumping to a record high, The Berlin Moot stressed the importance of seeing security and peace as two sides of the same coin.

  • feature 16 May 2024
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Day two of The Berlin Moot: “We don’t need more policies, we need more implementation.”

We concluded the inaugural edition of The Berlin Moot with a call to take action in reshaping peace. Read takeaways from day two.

  • feature 18 Apr 2024
Bineta Diop, Special Envoy of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission on Women, Peace and Security, at the panel on multipolarity, geopolitics and norms at The Berlin Moot.

Day one of The Berlin Moot: High time to reshape peacemaking

Read a summary of takeaways from the first day of The Berlin Moot

  • feature 17 Apr 2024
A woman holds a white rose during a rally against the violence in Guatemala City where around hundred people came together to protest against the rising violence in the country.

What can we do to ensure wars will end again at the negotiating table?

From The Berlin Moot, read why new tools and approaches to peacemaking are needed so that more conflicts can be resolved at the negotiating table.

  • blog post 16 Apr 2024
  • Author(s) Isabel Kleitsch
When the waters flow as One: A women and peace story

The role of women in peacebuilding in ColombiaA film screening and conversation

Join us on 16 April for a film screening and panel discussion. A cooperation with the Colombian Embassy in Berlin and the Swedish Embassy in Berlin.

  • event 16 Apr 2024
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