Conflict transformation

A complex process of constructively changing relationships, attitudes, behaviours, interests and discourses in violence-prone conflict settings. Importantly, conflict transformation addresses and changes underlying structures, cultures and institutions that encourage and condition violent political and social conflict over the long term.

Conflict transformation

See also: Conflict

It is possible to solve a conflict and not change much…John Paul Lederach

On terminology

Conflict transformation is often contrasted with several other approaches: conflict management (activities undertaken to limit, mitigate and contain open conflict), conflict resolution (activities undertaken over the short term and medium term dealing with, and aiming at overcoming, the deep-rooted causes of conflict, including the structural, behavioural, or attitudinal aspects of the conflict), and conflict settlement (achievement of an agreement between the conflict parties on a political level which enables them to end an armed conflict). Proactive prevention of violent conflict is also an important aspect of the conflict transformation repertoire (See: Violence prevention).

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