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Image: Creative Commons, Flickr / Adam Meek under CC BY 2.0 license

The Berghof Approach: Research

We conduct cutting-edge research that enables us to analyse the drivers of conflict, inform policy debates, and collaborate on solutions.

The Berghof Foundation has become internationally recognised for pioneering research. We have tackled a huge variety of topics, including resistance and liberation movements (both armed and nonviolent), asymmetric conflict, political settlements, political reintegration, dealing with the past and reconciliation, community resilience to violent extremism, and inclusivity and participation in peace processes.

Working in conjunction with our regional and learning teams, our Conflict Transformation Research department runs projects using a research approach that is collaborative, participatory, and inspired by action-research methods. And this open approach has been key to our success – for example in the Transitions Series where we accompany conflict actors in conducting critical self-analysis on the factors conducive to violence de-escalation and political transitions.

Both the substance of our research and our approach enable us to contribute to academic debates, as well as influence policy-making on the national and international stage.

Flagship products of our research include the Berghof Handbook on Conflict Transformation and the accompanying Handbook Dialogues, the National Dialogue Handbook, and the Berghof Glossary on Conflict Transformation.

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