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People fleeing from the conflict in Sudan arriving in Aswan, Egypt.

Sudan's deadly conflictThe urgent need for international intervention

The conflict in Sudan has led to a humanitarian crisis. Our Sudan expert outlines why the international community needs to step in to avoid global ramifications.

  • blog post 23 Feb 2024
  • Author(s) Hani Ahmed
Immaculate Mungai, Chairperson of the Kwale Women of Faith Network, leading a community sensitization session on women and children's rights in Kinango, Kwale, Kenya.

Under crossfire: the courageous work of women faith-based mediators

In our latest study, we explore how women use faith as a tool to solve conflict and which tactics they use to overcome challenges they face during the process.

  • feature 2 Feb 2024
A man walks near houses swept away by landslides in Sibagat, Agusan del Sur in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Video: Accountability and integrity in peace processesThe case of the Bangsamoro

Watch the launch event of our latest report on the role of anti-corruption efforts in the Bangsamoro peace process in the Philippines.

  • event 1 Feb 2024
Fatou Baldeh (Women in Liberation and Leadership, Gambia) highlights how transitional justice mechanisms can help to amplify the voices of women.

Peace conference launched in Berlin in response to escalating conflicts“The Berlin Moot: Reshaping Peace” will take place for the first time in April

Hosted by the Berghof Foundation, the conference will offer an opportunity for global experts and mediators to pioneer new approaches to peacemaking.

  • press release 31 Jan 2024
Eucalyptus plant taking root on sand dunes near Lompoul. In an effort to prevent the desert from engulfing  fertile land, the Government has undertaken tree-planting projects such as this with help from UN Environment  Programme and the UN Development Programme (UNDP). 1983.

Video | Event series: National Dialogues at crossroadsNational Dialogues x Climate Change

Watch our video to learn more about the opportunities and challenges for National Dialogues to contribute to mitigating climate-related social or political crises.

  • event 24 Jan 2024
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Video: The brain and peaceHow can insights from neuroscience advance peacebuilding?

Watch our event to discover how insights from neuroscience can advance peacebuilding.

  • event 18 Jan 2024
A woman collects water from a water tank stored outside her home in the village of Al-Bouzayyat, which sits on the bank of a former canal which has dried up, in Diwaniya, Iraq, October 11, 2022.

How climate change affects conflict dynamics in Iraq

Our new reports shed light on how climate change impacts local conflict in Iraq. Read our key recommendations on how to address climate security risks.

  • feature 12 Dec 2023
A man lifts a pan with an image of Colombia's President Ivan Duque that reads "dialogue" during a  protest march combined with concerts as a national strike continues in Medellin, Colombia Dec 22, 2019.

Video | Event series: National Dialogues at crossroadsNational Dialogues x Protest Movements

Learn about challenges and opportunities of organising National Dialogues in the context of social protests from the launch event of our latest paper on this topic.

  • event 7 Dec 2023
Boys play in a dried up dam in Khawlan, Yemen, one of the world's most water-stressed countries, where climate change-induced drought and the lack of sustainable water supplies prevail.

How local authorities in Yemen respond to the effects of the climate crisis

Local authorities gathered at a conference in Mukalla, Yemen in order to develop responses to environmental degradation.

  • blog post 5 Dec 2023
  • Author(s) Hasan Shujaa
epa06290224 Irene Fellin (R), President of WIIS Italy, and Victoria Sandino Simanca Herrera (L), Plenipotentiary Member of the Commission for Implementation, of the Final Agreement and Head of the National Commission for Women, Gender and Sexual Diversity of the Partido Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Comun - FARC, during Mediterranean Women Mediators Network at the Farnesina Palace in Rome, Italy, 26 October 2017. EPA-EFE/CLAUDIO PERI

Video: Women mediator networksMore of the same?

Watch our online event to find out more about the importance of women mediator networks and the challenges they face.

  • event 1 Dec 2023
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