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Conflict analyses for teaching in German schoolsStudents learn what is happening in Ukraine or Sudan

We help teachers develop lessons that tackle solutions to violent conflict.

  • feature 17 Jul 2023
Video interview with female ex-combatant from La Guajira, Colombia.

Video: From female combatants to filmmakersOnline film premiere

Watch our online film premiere to learn about the experiences of female ex-combatants from Colombia and Uganda.

  • event 20 Jun 2023
Conference room with chairs and tables in a circle

How do you negotiate peace?An interview with Luxshi Vimalarajah

Our Senior Mediation and Development Advisor served as a peace mediator in various conflicts. In this interview, she shares how the work is done.

  • feature 15 Jun 2023
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POSTPONED – Turkey after the electionsImplications, opportunities and challenges

Please note that this event has been postponed.

  • event 6 Jun 2023
Protesters recording demonstrations in Washington, DC / United States on May 29 2020

Video: Digital peacebuilding and intersectional feminismLaunch event of our latest report

Watch our event with Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation and Build Up discussing how intersectional feminist approaches can transform digital peacebuilding.

  • event 31 May 2023
A retired soldier holds a Lebanese flag outside the central bank during a protest demanding better pay and living conditions, in Beirut, Lebanon in March 2023.

Humanitarian aid alone cannot save LebanonOnly political stability can bring an end to Lebanon’s perpetual crises.

Nadine Francis-Pohle writes in her op-ed for Al Jazeera how to complement humanitarian aid to bring an end to the many crises in Lebanon.

  • blog post 31 May 2023
  • Author(s) Nadine Francis-Pohle
Mural in Beirut, Lebanon

Video: Lebanon’s forgotten crisesThe role of the state, political movements and the international community

Watch the video of our event that shed light on the manifold crises Lebanon is facing.

  • event 9 May 2023
Practitioners have begun calling for a people-centred approach to transitional justice

Putting people at the centre of transitional justiceA dialogue between practitioners and policy-makers

At our event, practitioners from around the world met policy-makers to discuss how people-centred transitional justice can contribute to building sustainable peace.

  • feature 9 May 2023
Lebanon is facing drastic economic, financial, political and humanitarian crises. We joined a campaign to bring this "forgotten crisis" back #IntoFocus.

Time to put Lebanon’s crises #IntoFocusTogether with 30 NGOs we shed light on “forgotten crises”

Corruption and political as well as sectarian divides have plunged Lebanon into unprecedented crises. Read how we shed light on these "forgotten crises".

  • feature 8 May 2023
Luise Amtsberg has been the Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid since 2022.

"Our prosperity has a price, and we have to deal with that"Interview with Luise Amtsberg, patron of the #INTOFOCUS campaign

What’s Germany’s connection to the crises in Lebanon, South Sudan, and Bangladesh? Answers from the Human Rights Commissioner of the German government.

  • feature 28 Apr 2023
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