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Oman: Bridging to peace

In a new paper, Professor Abdullah Baabood examines Oman’s role in brokering peace in its neighbour, Yemen.

  • feature 16 Jun 2021

Friedensmediation Wirksamkeit erhöhen, Engagement ausbauenPositionspapier der Initiative Mediation Support Deutschland (IMSD) [1] zur Bundestagswahl 2021

Deutschland sollte in der kommenden Legislatur sein Engagement zur Bearbeitung von Konflikten durch Friedensmediation weiter akzentuieren und ausbauen.

  • press release 10 Jun 2021
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Youth and armed conflictAspirations, agency and space for transformation

Panel discussion on the trajectories and opportunities for young people in transforming armed conflict.

  • event 27 May 2021
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Video: Protest movements in the Arab WorldOpportunities, challenges and prospects for the protest movements in Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan

Watch a video of our panel discussion with experts and activists from the Middle East examining current developments in the region.

  • event 20 May 2021
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Climate and conflict as a vicious cycle: The case of Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the effects of climate change amplify existing conflicts, creating a struggle for resources. How can this dynamic be tempered?

  • blog post 11 May 2021
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann, Charlotte Hamm
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Video: Perspectives from South AfricaFrom our event series on conflict transformation in a multipolar world

Watch a video of our kick-off session of the Global Conflict Transformation Series for which we invited experts from South Africa to share their perspectives.

  • event 10 May 2021
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Conflict transformation in a multipolar world

We are organising a webinar series exploring multiple pathways of supporting conflict transformation and peacebuilding work from around the world.

  • blog post 6 May 2021
  • Author(s) Karoline Eickhoff
Members of a Community Safety Committee.

Supporting community safety-driven approaches in Yemen

Take a look inside our project working to improve public safety in Yemen.

  • feature 4 May 2021

Urgent time to invest in peace, not war

Berghof calls for a reduction of military expenditures as the 2020 spending on arms increased despite cuts in aid budgets.

  • feature 27 Apr 2021
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Civil resistance transitions: Dialogue, trust and democracy

Part three in an event series with USIP on people power, peace and democracy.

  • event 20 Apr 2021
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