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Demonstration, Medellin, Colombia 2015

Peaceful protest movementsChallenges of nonviolent resistance

Online panel discussion with activists and experts on nonviolent action.

  • event 3 Mar 2022
Village at the top of Ibb mountains in Yemen

Video: Yemen and its environment

Watch a video of our online panel discussion on the environmental dimensions to conflict and peacebuilding in Yemen.

  • event 2 Mar 2022
Protestors at the Berlin climate strike 2019

Protest MovementsKey drivers of conflict transformation

Nonviolent action by protest movements remains one of the most transformational forces in global politics today.

  • feature 22 Feb 2022
Digitised version of the Lebanese flag.

Digital Pathways for Peace in LebanonHow social media influencers fight polarisation

The Berghof Foundation is supporting a group of social media influencers in Lebanon seeking to promote tolerance and mutual understanding – online and offline.

  • feature 3 Feb 2022
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Yemen and the COP26: It is time for adequate climate reparations

Yemen is suffering disproportionally from the effects of climate change. COP26 shows that the international community is falling short of helping those in need.

  • feature 13 Jan 2022
Members of the Community Safety Committee in Aden are handing over firefighting kits to selected neighborhoods in the Sirah district as part of their second initiative.

Strengthening local safety in YemenLaunch of a resource hub on community safety

To support actors working on community safety, we are launching a resource hub in Yemen through a training manual, committees and an online platform.

  • feature 10 Jan 2022
Das Georg-Zundel-Haus ist das Büro der Berghof Foundation und ein Ort für Friedensbildung in Tübingen seit 2002.

Berghof Foundation feiert ein halbes Jahrhundert Friedensarbeit

Die Berghof Foundation feiert am 16. Dezember ihr Jubiläum mit einer Baumpflanz-Aktion an ihrem Gründungsort in Tübingen.

  • press release 16 Dec 2021
Conference room with chairs and tables in a circle

Negotiations, dialogue and mediationWhich approach leads to intra-state peace?

Read about strengths and weaknesses of each approach and how in a peace process, they can be applied in a mutually reinforcing manner.

  • blog post 10 Dec 2021
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann
Bundestag, Berlin, Deutschland.

Recommendations to the new German governmentGermany's foreign policy needs a binding peace policy frame of reference

Concrete recommendations for the foreign and security policy of the new German government, summarised by the Berghof Foundation and the European University Viadrina.

  • feature 29 Nov 2021
Students sitting in small groups at a library

Video: Knowledge for a complex worldRethinking the roles of peace research and peace education

Watch a video of our panel discussion on how these intertwined disciplines should react to current global challenges.

  • event 25 Nov 2021
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