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Unveiling the unseen: Applying a feminist lens to digital peacebuilding

Our latest report with Build Up explores the transformative power of feminist and intersectional perspectives on digital peacebuilding.

  • blog post 21 Aug 2023
  • Author(s) Nina Strumpf
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New podcast: Voices for Transitional JusticeListen now, wherever you get your podcasts

A new podcast by our Global Learning Hub for Transitional Justice and Reconciliation sheds light on the difficult process of dealing with legacies of violence.

  • feature 9 Aug 2023
The head of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, shakes hands with Saudi ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al-Jaber at the Republican Palace in Sanaa, Yemen April 9, 2023. |

Encouraging signs for peace in Yemen, but a long way to go

Yemen offers some real grounds for hope. But the international community must act swiftly and ensure all parties are included.

  • blog post 4 Aug 2023
  • Author(s) Andrew Gilmour, Calum Humphreys
Video interview with female ex-combatant from Palabek, Northern Uganda.

Peace, and no end to discriminationMarginalisation of former female combatants continues in Colombia and Uganda

As our documentary project gives a voice to marginalised female ex-combatants, their past and present can teach us about reintegration.

  • blog post 26 Jul 2023
  • Author(s) Evelyn Pauls
A car full of medicine arrives at the health center in Al-Absiyya, Yemen. |

Locally rooted conflict transformationHow we create dialogue at different levels

Conflicts can be transformed through peace processes at different levels. An example from Yemen.

  • blog post 25 Jul 2023
  • Author(s) Florian Lüdtke
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Conflict analyses for teaching in German schoolsStudents learn what is happening in Ukraine or Sudan

We help teachers develop lessons that tackle solutions to violent conflict.

  • feature 17 Jul 2023
Video interview with female ex-combatant from La Guajira, Colombia.

Video: From female combatants to filmmakersOnline film premiere

Watch our online film premiere to learn about the experiences of female ex-combatants from Colombia and Uganda.

  • event 20 Jun 2023
Conference room with chairs and tables in a circle

How do you negotiate peace?An interview with Luxshi Vimalarajah

Our Senior Mediation and Development Advisor served as a peace mediator in various conflicts. In this interview, she shares how the work is done.

  • feature 15 Jun 2023
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POSTPONED – Turkey after the electionsImplications, opportunities and challenges

Please note that this event has been postponed.

  • event 6 Jun 2023
Protesters recording demonstrations in Washington, DC / United States on May 29 2020

Video: Digital peacebuilding and intersectional feminismLaunch event of our latest report

Watch our event with Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation and Build Up discussing how intersectional feminist approaches can transform digital peacebuilding.

  • event 31 May 2023
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