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People in front of the Bab al-Yaman, main gate of the old fortified wall of Sana'a

Yemen: New talks will need to factor in new realities

Peace negotiations in Yemen might resume soon. They will need to contend with ongoing changes in local governance.

  • blog post 1 Apr 2021
  • Author(s) Katharina Jautz, Joshua Rogers
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Video: Making peace with the climate

Watch a video of our online event featuring an expert discussion on water conflicts and conflict resolution approaches.

  • event 22 Mar 2021
Aerial view of dry lands

Time for climate-sensitive conflict transformationComplex crises need complex responses

When climate change is labelled a ‘conflict driver’, socioeconomic and political circumstances are easily overlooked.

  • blog post 16 Mar 2021
  • Author(s) Nora Rathje
Flags of the member states of the European Union in front of the EU-commission building "Berlaymont" in Brussels, Belgium

Analysis of the new policy on EU peace mediationFrom a technical capability to a political instrument of EU foreign policy

In her analysis, Véronique Dudouet outlines the new EU policy on peace mediation’s promising outlook for civil society organisations and the challenges ahead.

  • feature 11 Mar 2021
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International Women's Day 2021How we choose to challenge

A reflection from our staff on this year's International Women’s Day theme, #ChooseToChallenge.

  • feature 4 Mar 2021
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Video: Climate change impacts on conflict

Watch a video of our online event featuring an expert discussion on how to move to action on climate change and conflict dynamics.

  • event 25 Feb 2021
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Expanding our focus in a changing world

In our 50th anniversary year, we are building on our strengths to adapt to a changing global context.

  • feature 23 Feb 2021
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Video: Panel discussion on constitutions and peace processes

Watch a video of our event on constitutions and peace processes, which also launched a new primer on the topic.

  • event 28 Jan 2021
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Our work in 2020

As 2021 arrives, we take a quick look back at a few highlights from our work in 2020 and the prospects for peace for 2021.

  • feature 29 Dec 2020
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Latest developments in the Afghan peace process: A commentary

Hans-Joachim Giessmann reflects on progress in the Afghan peace process, and why patience and trust will be vital to its success.

  • blog post 21 Dec 2020
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann
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