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No participation without protectionWomen’s rights in areas controlled by armed and political movements

Join our event where experts will discuss the participation and protection of women within political and armed groups in Myanmar.

  • event 8 Dec 2022
Children in dust storm in Ethiopia.

Climate change, environmental degradation and conflictResponding to environmental breakdown in areas affected by conflict

Online event on the overlapping crises of environmental degradation, climate change and violent conflict, and measures to mitigate against them.

  • event 2 Dec 2022
Participants at our workshop with the Moro Women Development and Cultural Center (MWDECC) discussing women's political participation in the Philippines.

Gender-inclusive conflict transformationPerspectives from female (ex-)combatants

Our team issued a series of papers to bring the insights and knowledge of female ex-combatants into policy debates within the peacebuilding community.

  • blog post 8 Nov 2022
  • Author(s) Claudia Cruz Almeida, Véronique Dudouet
Locals look at burning forest during a wildfire in Greece

How COP can deliver for areas affected by conflictTowards COP27: Our article series on climate and conflict

As the final piece in our series, this article outlines the necessary conditions for COP27 to deliver for fragile and conflict-affected areas.

  • blog post 7 Nov 2022
  • Author(s) Tom Breese
A Somali woman carrying water in a refugee camp

Mitigating the climate crisis in SomaliaTowards COP27: Our article series on climate and conflict

Climate change is already a terrifying reality in Somalia. A combination of mitigation strategies and peaceful adaptation can help reduce threats to communities.

  • feature 4 Nov 2022
An Iraqi man walks on the dry banks of the Diyala River

Addressing climate-security risks in IraqTowards COP27: Our article series on climate and conflict

Many regions in Iraq are facing acute water shortages. Inclusive dialogue settings and climate-focused mediation can help with responding to such climate risks.

  • feature 2 Nov 2022
Habib Nassar of Impunity Watch

New video series on transitional justiceExplore different perspectives on dealing with the past and reconciliation

Visit the new website of our Global Learning Hub for Transitional Justice and Reconciliation to find a video series exploring contemporary issues in the field.

  • feature 1 Nov 2022
Two soldiers on opposing sides holding hands.

Video: Observation and monitoring mechanisms in conflict de-escalationCreative approaches, best practices and lessons learned

Watch the video of the event that took a closer look at the ability of third parties to guarantee, observe and accompany processes of conflict de-escalation.

  • event 27 Oct 2022
Peaceful protests in Miami, Florida, USA in May 2020 after death of George Floyd

Matching aspirations, missing connectionsPAX and Berghof launch report that calls for EU support to nonviolent movements

The Berghof Foundation and PAX brought the voice of nonviolent movements to Brussels to call on the EU to support their work for peaceful and democratic change.

  • blog post 25 Oct 2022
  • Author(s) Francesc X. Teodoro Alandete, Véronique Dudouet
A Somali boy stands on a junk vehicle after heavy rain in Mogadishu

Climate vulnerability demands conflict transformation approachesTowards COP27: Our article series on climate and conflict

At the upcoming COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, adaptation will be at the top of the agenda. To be effective, conflict transformation must be a part of that conversation.

  • blog post 20 Oct 2022
  • Author(s) Tom Breese, Nike Löble, Arrliya Sugal
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