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United Nation's ONUCA demobilises Nicaraguan resistance forces in Honduras |

From combatants to politiciansHow peacebuilders can support the political transformation of armed groups

Together with the United Nation's DDR Section, we support formerly armed groups in becoming peaceful political parties after wars.

  • feature 8 Jul 2022
A bridge from below |

Video: Transitioning to the futureWhat's next for transitional justice in challenging times?

Watch a video of our online discussion on the future of transitional justice

  • event 5 Jul 2022
Community Dialouge in Somalia, Galmadug

Video: Human rights and conflict mediationExploring the link

Watch a video of our online discussion on the integration and role of human rights in mediation and peace processes.

  • event 22 Jun 2022
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2-month extension of truce in Yemen and meeting with conflict parties in Montreux

Together with our partner PDF Yemen we held a dialogue meeting with representatives of all Yemeni conflict parties to discuss strengthening the current truce.

  • feature 15 Jun 2022
Republic Bridge Bagdad, Iraq in October 2020

Video: Breaking the vicious cycleHow can anti-corruption measures be integrated in peace processes?

Watch a video of our online discussion about anti-corruption entry points in peacebuilding.

  • event 9 Jun 2022
Nicole Rieber from the Streitkultur 3.0 team during the award ceremony.

Streitkultur 3.0 gewinnt BildungspreisInterview mit Preisträgerinnen Nicole Rieber und Carolin Sokele

Unser Projekt für digitale Streitkultur 3.0 gewinnt den Bernhard-Vogel-Preis-Bildungspreis der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

  • feature 9 Jun 2022
Beirut harbor explosion.

Conflict transformation agendas need more robust anti-corruption efforts

Anti-corruption practitioners and peacebuilders need to work together to secure a durable peace.

  • blog post 18 May 2022
  • Author(s) David Jackson, Ulrike Hopp-Nishanka, Joshua Rogers, Calum Humphreys
Village square in Taiz, Yemen.

Governors take centre stage in new presidential council

New presidential council in Yemen highlights central role of local governance.

  • feature 17 May 2022
Ms Alyah E Salik giving an interview in Mindanao, Philippines.

Asking my sisters: Film and booklet releasedVoices of female ex-combatants and their daughters from Mindanao

Experience the stories of two generations of women when female ex-combatants and their daughters share their stories.

  • feature 11 May 2022
Book cover of the Indonesian version of the publication "I Have To Speak" about female ex-combatants.

Women in armed conflict and peace negotiationsBerghof in conversation with the street magazine Karuna Kompass

Peace agreements are measurably more sustainable when women are involved early.

  • feature 9 May 2022
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