Peace education resources

Teaching and learning materials

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From classroom materials and curricula, to pedagogical theory, the Berghof Foundation develops resources to support peace education. In this collection, you can browse resources in a number of languages that will support your efforts to bring non-violence, conflict sensitivity, and other peace-related themes into classrooms and different training settings.

Some of the materials have a special focus on working with refugees.

Peace education

What is peace education? How can this approach be applied in conflict regions around the world? How can peace education be implemented on a more structural level, e.g by incorporating this approach in school or university curriculars?

Training manuals and resources

How do you facilitate peace education trainings with different target groups? What do trainers have to keep in mind when working in different contexts or regions? Learn from our experience implementing workshops in various countries around the world.

Curriculum development

How can peace education become part of school and university curricula?

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