18 Jun 2020

Refugees as agents for peace

Reflecting on the implementation of peace education formats in Jordanian refugee camps

This publication aims at outlining and reflecting on the principles that guided the implementation of project activities based on the information and data generated through monitoring and evaluation. It focuses primarily on the format of the qualification courses on “Building Peace from the Inside Out.”


Dagmar Nolden, Hannah Reich, Vladimir Kostić


The first section begins with some basic information on Syrian refugees in Jordan. It continues outlining the Berghof Foundation’s take on peace education in the refugee camp settings. A short summary of the three peace education formats developed by Berghof Foundation’s Peace Education & Global Learning programme in close cooperation with its local team members and partner, Relief International Jordan’s Education programme follows. The paper then closes with a reflection on ten guiding principles for developing and implementing peace education formats in refugee camps. Derived from the more than three years work experience in the Jordanian context, those notions might be valuable in other contexts too.

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