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Jugend im Austausch über Klimawandel und nachhaltigen Frieden

Wir schaffen virtuelle Begegnungsräume und Lernformate für Jugendliche aus Baden-Württemberg und aus verschiedenen Ländern der Welt, um gemeinsam dem Klimawandel zu begegnen.

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Image of Nike Löble

Nike Löble

Project Manager, Middle East and North Africa Unit

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Andrew Gilmour addressing the IACC.

Collective action for trust and integrityInternational Anti-Corruption Conference: Opening statement by Andrew Gilmour, Executive Director of Berghof Foundation

A major challenge for us all is the linkage of corruption to so many of the world’s problems, combined with most people’s lack of awareness of these linkages.

  • feature 3 Dec 2020
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Expanding our focus in a changing world

In our 50th anniversary year, we are building on our strengths to adapt to a changing global context.

  • feature 23 Feb 2021
Participants at a Youth Leadership Camp for Climate Change in Indonesia.

Youth for peaceFive years since UNSCR 2250

Today marks the fifth anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 2250, which called for increased participation of young people in decision-making.

  • feature 9 Dec 2020
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Berghof Foundation: Strategic Priorities 2022-2025

In order to adopt to a digitalised world, a planet facing ecocide through climate change and further global challenges, the Berghof Foundation as an organisation has to evolve as well. We are therefore expanding our activities beyond our established focal areas into six additional areas of strategic importance. How Berghof intends to go about it over the next four years is the subject of this document.

  • Year 2022
Hans-Joachim Gießmann

2018 – A bad omen for the future?

In future, the year 2018 may be seen as a bad omen for the breakdown of the cooperative global order that was originally designed by the UN Charter in 1945.

  • blog post 8 Jan 2019
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann
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Decolonising peacebuildingA way forward out of crisis

A shifting state system, a dysfunctional market and a restless global society face rising economic inequality and mass migration, accelerating polarisation and extremism, and urgent demands for decolonisation, racial justice and an end to gender-based violence. Current economic and political models offer little reprieve, and in some cases seem to be fuelling disorder rather than promoting the order or stability they aim to achieve. How will the peacebuilding field respond or transform given these challenges?

  • Year 2022
  • Author(s) Lisa Schirch
Project Image is an online portal for children covering issues of war and peace, conflicts and violence.

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The Berghof Foundation publishes tenders for procurement above a certain threshold.

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