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Image of Johanna Sassenrath

Johanna Sassenrath

Assistant, Executive Office

  • Berghof People
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Our work in the Middle East and North Africa

Our projects aim at supporting actors and institutions as well as efforts to overcome political and societal divisions through inclusive dialogue processes and consensus-building.

  • Overview
Community Dialogue in Somalia

Priorities for the new Somali governmentPolicy recommendations for after the elections

Looking ahead we have drafted four recommendations for the new Somali government to take into consideration.

  • feature 20 Apr 2022
Image of Mandana Afshar

Mandana Afshar

Innovation Specialist, Executive Office

  • Berghof People

Urgent time to invest in peace, not war

Berghof calls for a reduction of military expenditures as the 2020 spending on arms increased despite cuts in aid budgets.

  • feature 27 Apr 2021
Image of Zainab Mohamed

Zainab Mohamed

Project Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa Unit

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Annual Report 2022 Image

Our annual report 2022Narrative

The year 2022 saw the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and a surge in conflict-related deaths globally, underscoring the importance of our peacebuilding work. Read how we managed to expand our work to address violent conflicts despite manifold challenges.

Publication Cover Image

Attentive, assertive, supportiveEU support to nonviolent movements

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase of mass nonviolent movements around the globe, taking the street and the online space to demand radical reforms towards greater democracy, justice, peace or equal rights. External support to nonviolent movements can help prevent violent escalation, mitigate repression, protect civic space, facilitate conflict transformation and foster sustainable peace. In a global context where the shrinking of civic space is coupled with the proliferation of protests, the European Union needs to develop a strategy to deal with nonviolent movements consistently and effectively. This paper explores the role that different EU institutional actors can play in supporting nonviolent movements and puts forward some basic recommendations to develop a more coherent conceptual framework and factor peaceful protests into the EU’s external action.

  • Year 2022
  • Author(s) Sergio Rodríguez Prieto
Image of Sven Arndt

Sven Arndt

Director of Administration, Finance and Administration

  • Berghof People
Image of Sandra Breka

Sandra Breka

Member, Board of trustees

  • Berghof People
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