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Serving People's Need for Peace: Infrastructures for Peace, the Peace Sector, and the Case of NepalBerghof Handbook Dialogue Series No. 10

In this reader's comment on our publication Berghof Handbook Dialogue No. 10 on Peace Infrastructures, the authors, using the case of Nepal, show how a perspective based on people's peace needs may help clarify the concept of Infrastructure for Peace. They also reflect on practical implications and potential developments in Nepal's peace sector.

  • Year 2013
  • Author(s) Prakash Mani Sharma, Jeannine Suurmond
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Germany’s day of destiny: 9 November1989 – 1938 – 1918

9 November is widely regarded as a kind of “day of destiny” for the Germans.

  • blog post 7 Nov 2019
  • Author(s) Hans-Joachim Giessmann
Former female combatant being interviewed for the film.

I have to speak: Film and booklet releasedVoices of female ex-combatants from Aceh, Burundi, Mindanao and Nepal

Experience the stories of female ex-combatants from diverse political, religious, ethnic and national backgrounds.

  • feature 27 May 2020
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Vision, mission and principles

A world changing for the better through constructive conflict transformation.

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Established during the height of the Cold War by Dr. Georg Zundel, the Berghof Foundation now spans five decades of history.

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Leadership and governance

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Funders, partners, networks

The Berghof Foundation is proud to collaborate with a range of funders, partners and networks.

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