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Image of Tom Breese

Tom Breese

Junior Project Manager, Executive Office

  • Berghof People
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Peacebuilding at a Crossroads? Dilemmas and Paths for Another GenerationHandbook Dialogue Series No. 7 - complete

In this Dialogue, practitioners and researchers reflect on the conditions of success or failure in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The lead article expresses a lingering worry that complex economic and environmental crises, international factors of violence and war, and an underlying 'murkiness' of values may overwhelm the best efforts for social change and create a feeling that we are “just wasting our time”. The comments emphasize that values and approaches - as well as the international context, power politics and injustice - should be the objects of critical analysis. Investment in learning, honest self-reflection and critical peace research appear to be a must for effective practice. Others stress a need for more effective public mobilization for the effective prevention of violence. Many additional questions are raised and present food for thought for an ongoing debate.

  • Year 2009
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Berghof Foundation: Strategic Priorities 2021-2023

In light of the shifting global context, the Berghof Foundation as an organisation has to adapt as well. We are therefore expanding our activities beyond our established focal areas into six additional areas of strategic importance. This involves building up new expertise, new forms of collaboration, and new ways of working. This work has already begun. How Berghof intends to go about it over the next three years is the subject of this document.

  • Year 2021
Image of Shirin Reuvers

Shirin Reuvers

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Partnerships

  • Berghof People
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Berghof Foundation: 50 years of conflict transformation

This book provides an overview of the Berghof Foundation’s work and impact over the past 50 years and sheds light on future challenges for building sustainable peace.

  • Year 2021
Image of Andrew Gilmour

Andrew Gilmour

Executive Director, Executive Office

  • Berghof People
Image of Teresa Isabel Andion-Wessel

Teresa Isabel Andion-Wessel

Student Assistant, Sub-Saharan Africa Unit

  • Berghof People
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Somalia: Friedensnetzwerke und inklusiver Dialog in Galmudug

Das Projekt möchte Friedensinfrastrukturen (I4P) unterstützen und auf den Nexus zwischen Klimawandel und Konflikten aufmerksam machen.

  • Past Project 2021 - 2022
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50 years of Berghof Foundation

In 2021, the Berghof Foundation marked 50 years of conflict transformation.

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Berghof Foundation Annual Report 2019

In this review of 2019, we want to present a concise picture of our work, using one example from each region to highlight the wide variety of approaches we take to try to transform conflict.

  • Year 2020
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