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Climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding in Iraq

This project focuses on climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding in different districts throughout Iraq.

  • Current Project

How can the harms caused by climate change be addressed?A dialogue between transitional justice and climate justice

During our third dialogue event, we discussed the challenges and opportunities of providing remedies for the loss and damage that climate change is causing.

  • feature 28 Mar 2024
Eucalyptus plant taking root on sand dunes near Lompoul. In an effort to prevent the desert from engulfing  fertile land, the Government has undertaken tree-planting projects such as this with help from UN Environment  Programme and the UN Development Programme (UNDP). 1983.

Video | Event series: National Dialogues at crossroadsNational Dialogues x Climate Change

Watch our video to learn more about the opportunities and challenges for National Dialogues to contribute to mitigating climate-related social or political crises.

  • event 24 Jan 2024
Andrew Gilmour

"Climate change and conflict are coming together in new ways that we are only beginning to understand."

The implications of climate change drive mass migration and conflict. A reset in attitudes is crucial for navigating challenges peacefully.

  • blog post 3 Apr 2024
  • Author(s) Andrew Gilmour
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Yemen and the COP26: It is time for adequate climate reparations

Yemen is suffering disproportionally from the effects of climate change. COP26 shows that the international community is falling short of helping those in need.

  • feature 13 Jan 2022
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Supporting climate-focused local-level dialogues in Iraq

Building on climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding, the project aims to support local-level dialogue to address climate security risks in Iraq.

  • Past Project 2024 - 2024
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Climate change effects on conflict dynamics in IraqStudy of Makhmur, Tal Afar, and Al-Rifai districts

The negative effects of climate change and the security risks associated with it are beginning to register across Iraq. Over the past decade, the rise in extreme weather events, such as high temperatures, droughts, desertification, flooding, and sand and dust storms, has caused various severe consequences, including water scarcity, loss of economic livelihoods (particularly for those relying on the agricultural sector), climateinduced displacement and migration, and a rise in food insecurity.

  • Year 2023
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تحدّيات الأمن المناخي في العراقنقاط الدخول لحوارٍ على المستوي المحلّّي

بدأ العراق يشعر بوطأة تغ رُّالمناخ وزيادة المخاطرالأمنية ذات الصلة.

  • Year 2023
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ئاڵنگارییەکانی ئاسایشی کەش و هەوا لە عیراقخاڵاکانی دەستپێکی بۆ گفتوگۆ لەسەر ئاستی ناوخۆیی

عێراق خەریکە هەست بە قورسایی گۆڕانی کەشوهەوا و زیادبوونی مەترسییە ئەمنییەکانی پەیوەست بە کەشوهەواوە دەکات.

  • Year 2023
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Video: Making peace with the climate

Watch a video of our online event featuring an expert discussion on water conflicts and conflict resolution approaches.

  • event 22 Mar 2021
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