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Climate change

The long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns that lead to higher sea levels, droughts, and other natural disasters. It is the biggest challenge to humanity yet and impacts existing conflicts or even creates new ones – especially where resources such as water and arable land are becoming scarce. Yet, common concerns about its impact can also offer an entry point for bringing conflict parties to the negotiating table.

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Climate Security in Somalia

This project focuses on sensitising vulnerable communities to the adverse impact of climate change on peace and security in Beledweyne District.

  • Past Project 2021 - 2022
Children in dust storm in Ethiopia.

Video: Climate change, environmental degradation and conflictResponding to environmental breakdown in areas affected by conflict

Watch the video of the event on the overlapping crises of environmental degradation, climate change and violent conflict, and measures to mitigate against them.

  • event 2 Dec 2022
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COP26, climate change and conflict.

In November, COP26 will convene for the most important summit yet to halt climate breakdown, and to prevent the threats climate change poses for sustainable peace.

  • feature 27 Oct 2021
A Somali boy stands on a junk vehicle after heavy rain in Mogadishu

Climate vulnerability demands conflict transformation approachesTowards COP27: Our article series on climate and conflict

At the upcoming COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, adaptation will be at the top of the agenda. To be effective, conflict transformation must be a part of that conversation.

  • blog post 20 Oct 2022
  • Author(s) Tom Breese, Nike Löble, Arrliya Sugal
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We need to talkChanging climate, changing conflicts

The Berghof Foundation and adelphi held a conversation on the importance of shifting the peacebuilding discourse to better acknowledge and address climate change.

  • feature 15 Sep 2020
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Yemen and the COP26: It is time for adequate climate reparations

Yemen is suffering disproportionally from the effects of climate change. COP26 shows that the international community is falling short of helping those in need.

  • feature 13 Jan 2022
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Climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding in Iraq

This project focuses on climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding in different districts throughout Iraq.

  • Current Project
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Supporting climate-focused local-level dialogues in Iraq

Building on climate-focused mediation and peacebuilding, the project aims to support local-level dialogue to address climate security risks in Iraq.

  • Current Project
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Video: Making peace with the climate

Watch a video of our online event featuring an expert discussion on water conflicts and conflict resolution approaches.

  • event 22 Mar 2021
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