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Fostering the meaningful inclusion of women in Ethiopian dialogue processes

The project supports Ethiopian women in their efforts to foster the meaningful participation of women in the country's dialogue processes.

  • Current Project
Protesters recording demonstrations in Washington, DC / United States on May 29 2020

Video: Digital peacebuilding and intersectional feminismLaunch event of our latest report

Watch our event with Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation and Build Up discussing how intersectional feminist approaches can transform digital peacebuilding.

  • event 31 May 2023
Video interview with female ex-combatant from La Guajira, Colombia.

Video: From female combatants to filmmakersOnline film premiere

Watch our online film premiere to learn about the experiences of female ex-combatants from Colombia and Uganda.

  • event 20 Jun 2023
Video interview with female ex-combatant from Palabek, Northern Uganda.

Peace, and no end to discriminationMarginalisation of former female combatants continues in Colombia and Uganda

As our documentary project gives a voice to marginalised female ex-combatants, their past and present can teach us about reintegration.

  • blog post 26 Jul 2023
  • Author(s) Evelyn Pauls
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New deputy head of Berghof Foundation

The Berlin-based Berghof Foundation has announced the appointment of Chris Coulter as its new Deputy Executive Director.

  • press release 31 Aug 2023
Image of Chris Coulter

Chris Coulter

Deputy Executive Director, Executive Office

  • Berghof People
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Long-term reintegration challenges and opportunities for female ex-combatantsInsights from Aceh, Burundi, Colombia, Mindanao, Nepal and Uganda

The policy brief analyses long-term reintegration challenges and opportunities for female ex-combatants. Drawing insights from working with female ex-combatants in Aceh, Burundi, Colombia, Mindanao, Nepal, and Uganda, it sheds light on the often neglected aspects of their experiences after conflicts end. It offers recommendations for policymakers, peacebuilders and many more on how to design sustainable post-conflict reintegration processes for female ex-combatants.

  • Year 2023
  • Author(s) Evelyn Pauls
Women discussing the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Myanmar at an event of the Observe and Act participatory action research project.

How to empower women in conflict?Women of The Berlin Moot share their recommendations for International Women’s Day

Leading up to The Berlin Moot, female experts and practitioners shed light on why it is crucial to include women in the conversation to achieve sustainable peace.

  • feature 4 Mar 2024
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Political reintegration and the continuation of the struggle after warWomen ex-combatants in formal and informal politics

This is the second issue of our policy insight series on gender-inclusive conflict transformation. This paper explores the political re-conversion pathways that women ex-combatants pursue after the signing of a peace agreement. From 2022 to 2023, we engaged in focus group discussions, interviews, and peer-learning workshops with over 70 women ex-combatants from Colombia, El Salvador, and the Philippines. In this publication, we present their testimonies and analyse their experiences of continuing their engagement post-war through nonviolent means in both formal and informal political spheres.

  • Year 2024
  • Author(s) Claudia Cruz Almeida, Véronique Dudouet, Johanna-Maria Hülzer
Publication Cover Image

From the mountains to the public arenaThe struggle of women ex-combatants of FARC-EP to make their voices heard

In the third issue of our policy insight series on gender-inclusive conflict transformation, Victoria Sandino Simanca Herrera, former member of FARC-EP, a negotiator during the peace process and signatory to the 2016 Final Peace Agreement in Colombia, shares her experiences of transitioning from armed conflict to the legal political sphere. She details the challenges encountered in "continuing the struggle without arms" and offers a set of recommendations aimed at ensuring meaningful political participation for women ex-combatants in peace processes.

  • Year 2024
  • Author(s) Victoria Sandino Simanca Herrera
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