9 Dec 2022

PAVE working paper 6:

Online and offline (de-)radicalisation in the MENA region

Among four case studies implemented in local communities in Lebanon and Tunisia, two communities were identified as resilient against and two as vulnerable towards violent extremism. This report explains the results of these empirical studies that aimed to investigate the nature of community vulnerability and resilience against violent extremism, both in their offline and online manifestations.


Faiza Ayed, Lara Azzam, Zouheir Ben Jannet, Sadok Damak, Maria El Sammak, Samiha Hamdi, Fethi Rekik, Youssef Salloum


While comparing the specific factors that contribute to vulnerability and resilience towards violent extremism in the four cases, specific emphasis is put on cross-cutting gendered dynamics and the role that civil society initiatives can play in contributing to community resilience.

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