9 Dec 2022

PAVE synthesis report

Cumulative extremisms in the Balkans and MENA region

This report compares findings on cumulative extremisms across six different countries in the Western Balkans and the MENA region. Focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia, as well as Lebanon and Iraq, it is aimed to create a synthesis of different empirical insights from a set of field-based studies carried out within the context of the PAVE project.


Isak Svensson, Desirée Nilsson


The report lays out how the challenge of extremism varies across the country cases. Nevertheless, key commonalities regarding drivers of extremism are observed. These include neglect by state authorities, legacies of violence, lack of resources and employment, religious factors, and the role of the media. Commonality is also found in terms of the drivers of community resilience. The research highlights civil society, education, the role of religious institutions, the role of the state, and diaspora as important drivers for resilience against extremism.

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