9 Dec 2022

PAVE working paper 4:

Interactions between states and religious institutions in the MENA region

The PAVE research project found that political and religious institutions in the MENA region have played an important role in the rise of violent extremism. Research data from five different field studies produced in Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia on the topic are compiled in this report.


Rudayna Al-Baalbaky, Faiza Ayed, Juline Beaujouan, Zouheir Ben Jannet, Sadok Damak, Hmida Ennaifer, Josep García Coll, Samiha Hamdi, Marie Kortam, Hassan Laaguir, Amjed Rasheed, Fethi Rekik, Javier Ruipérez Canales, Mohammed Sharqawi, Maher Zoghlami


The text is structured around the main fields of vulnerability and resilience, which are identified as: economic factors, legitimacy of religious and political leaders, education system, interaction between religious and political organisations, structure and dynamics within the political system, dialogue and PVE initiatives, gender, and external factors. It offers a systematic comparison of the three country cases of study and provides a structured examination that can guide policy development and future research on resilience towards violent extremism.

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