Our work in Europe

A regional overview

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Our activities across an ever-changing Europe range from encouraging dialogue to promoting peace through education, to researching radicalisation in and beyond the region.

Spanning more than 20 years, our work in the Caucasus has fostered a deeply engaged network of local partners in an ongoing effort to deal with the past. Together, we have organised hundreds of workshops where participants exchange personal histories, reflect on their perspectives about local conflicts as well as the commonality of loss, and take steps towards forgiveness.

In Germany, we have a long history of involvement with peace education, helping young people to recognise peace and non-violence as important values in their lives. This takes many forms – from actively supporting educators with innovative teaching materials and curricula, to projects that tackle conspiracy theories, disinformation and hate speech, or which answer kids’ big questions on topics like war, violence and peace.

Our research in Europe has included sharing insider perspectives on the political transitions of demobilising non-state armed groups in places like the Basque country and Northern Ireland, or topics such as radicalisation in the Western Balkans, where we’ve explored ways to bolster community resilience and prevent violent extremism.

Current projects

Past projects

Current research and learning projects in the region

  • #vrschwrng
    The model project aims to give young people the opportunity to have a critical look at conspiracy theories and their underlying narratives.
  • Community resilience to violent extremism (PAVE)
    The comparative research project examines root causes and driving factors of violent extremism in local communities across seven countries in the MENA and Balkans.
  • ErinnerungsZeit
    Our animated graphic novel invites young people to participate in remembrance of National Socialism. It raises awareness and encourages reflection on discrimination from the past and the present.
  • Frieden-fragen.de
    Frieden-fragen.de is an online portal for children covering issues of war and peace, conflicts and violence.
  • Peace Days
    With our workshops, we give pupils the chance to discuss the topics of peace, conflict, war and violence from different perspectives.
  • Radicalisation research and prevention in Germany
    The research project MOTRA tackles the issue of radicalisation in Germany based on evidence-based knowledge and cross-sectoral dissemination and networking.
  • Service Centre Peace Education
    The project offers learning media, teacher trainings and activities at schools to strengthen peace education at schools in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Strengthening EU external support for democracy
    The cross-regional collaborative research project analyses blockages to democratisation and identifies ways to overcome them across the wider European neighbourhood.



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