Izzat Khushbakov

Project Manager
Regional Peace Support

Photo of Izzat Khushbakov

Berlin, Germany


Izzat Khushbakov works in the Regional Peace Support department of the Berghof Foundation. He studied International Relations and acquired his BA from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent. Having graduated, he worked for the Tashkent-based Centre for Political Studies (CPS), where he conducted research on the issues of security and cooperation in Central Asia.

He holds a Master’s degree in Peace Research and Security Policy from Hamburg University.


Izzat Khushbakov arbeitet für unsere Regional Peace Support department. Er hat einen Masterabschluss in Friedens- und Sicherheitsforschung (M.P.S.) der Universität Hamburg und einen Bachelorabschluss in Internationalen Beziehungen von der University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Taschkent. Nach seinem Abschluss arbeitete er am Zentrum für Politische Studien in Taschkent (Center for Political Studies, CPS) zu Fragen zu Sicherheit und Kooperation in Zentralasien.