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Berghof Foundation joins RESOLVE network addressing challenges of violent extremism

Partnering with 30 distinguished organisations creates new opportunities for exchange and collaboration on themes that are pivotal to our work.

  • press release 4 May 2020
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Peace support organisations adopt collaborative approach

Leading mediation and peace support organisations have agreed on a range of measures to ensure their work is complementary and mutually reinforcing.

  • press release 16 Apr 2020
Participants at our workshop in Beirut.

New insights on Salafi-Jihadism and entry points for conflict transformation

Is dialogue with Salafi-Jihadis possible, or are such talks precluded? Over the past two years, we've explored this question through a research project.

  • feature 31 Mar 2020
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Somalia's untold success stories and remaining challenges

The film screening and panel discussion capture the changes Somalia has undergone in the last decade.

  • event 24 Mar 2020
Ahmed Badawi

In memoriam: Ahmed Badawi

We are deeply saddened by the news that Ahmed Badawi has passed away.

  • feature 20 Mar 2020
Andrew Gilmour

Andrew Gilmour appointed new Executive Director of the Berghof Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Berghof Foundation today is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Andrew Gilmour.

  • press release 11 Mar 2020

Konzept Friedensmediation in die außenpolitische Praxis umsetzen!Stellungnahme der IMSD

Mediationsbemühungen Deutschlands (Mediationsunterstützung oder eigene Rolle als Mediator) sollten durch den Bundestag möglichst parteiübergreifend unterstützt.

  • feature 6 Mar 2020
A man looking over Kabul, Afghanistan.

Attention turns to intra-Afghan talks following news of U.S.-Taliban deal

With the United States and the Taliban signing a deal, attention is turning to the intra-Afghan process that could lay the groundwork for lasting peace.

  • feature 3 Mar 2020

Understanding the drivers of radicalisation and violent extremismLaunch of international research project PAVE

The new EU research project PAVE aims to tackle the global issue of radicalisation by examining its root causes and driving factors.

  • press release 19 Feb 2020
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Building peace in Somalia, one Shir at a time

Watch a short film about our support to communities in Somalia’s Hirshabelle State in their efforts to build peace by solving local conflicts.

  • feature 28 Jan 2020
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