Read takeaways from THE BERLIN MOOT 2024

Read takeaways from THE BERLIN MOOT 2024

29 Sep 2022

Gender-inclusive conflict transformation:

Insights from female former combatants and women associated with resistance and liberation movements

This report is the first in the policy insight series on gender-inclusive conflict transformation, which will be published throughout 2022 and 2023. This first issue aims to contextualise and critically review current policies and practices in peace negotiations and post-war transitions, based on testimonies shared by network members during activities conducted since 2018, and complemented by relevant academic references. Through a participatory process of joint analysis, the series will present the experiences, aspirations and lessons learned from women in or associated with RLMs with regard to gender-inclusive approaches to peace negotiations and post-war peacebuilding.


Claudia Cruz Almeida, Véronique Dudouet, Victoria Cochrane-Buchmüller


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