15 Dec 2021

Asking my Sisters

Intergenerational Voices of Women from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao

In this booklet female ex-combatants from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front - Bangsamoro Women's Auxiliary Brigade (MILF-BIWAB) and their daughters in Mindanao share their stories from the region’s post-conflict reconciliation process.


Carolien van Hoof, Stina Lundström, Véronique Dudouet, Beatrix Austin, Mohanie U. Kasan, Mariffa M. Samayatin, Monawara Kumayog, Amira U. Ebrahim, Ledrolen R. Manriquez, Jehan A. Usop, Baina T. Samayatin


The booklet prompts exchange between two generations of women in the hopes this dialogue will support the Bangsamoro community in healing from their traumas, and will inspire post-war reconciliation processes that address the experiences of women and young people.

Watch the accompanying film:

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