24 Apr 2019

Community Perspectives on Preventing Violent Extremism

Lessons learned from the Western Balkans

This comparative synthesis report – building on four country case studies covering Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia – was produced in the framework of a participatory research project on “Opportunities for Preventing Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans”. Together with with four local research partners, we explore why some communities are particularly affected by individuals inspired by and/or joining the Islamic State (IS) or similar violent extremist groups, while other communities may show greater resilience to the same phenomenon. The project also includes policy outreach activities, both nationally and internationally, as well as local dialogue initiatives, in cooperation with local stakeholders and affected communities, in order to explore and develop strategies to prevent violent radicalisation in the Western Balkans in light of the research findings.


Engjellushe Morina, Beatrix Austin, Tim Jan Roetman, Véronique Dudouet


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