Inclusive local and national-level dialogue in Lebanon

Supporting reform options, vision-building and concrete action for service delivery and social cohesion

Abstract image of two chairs facing each other. Abstract image of two chairs facing each other. PHOTO © EIKE WALKENHORST

The Berghof Foundation and the European Union are cooperating with Lebanese partners in supporting a multi-level dialogue process accompanied by funding for local initiatives.

Timeframe: 2022 - 2023

Against the background of the deteriorating situation in Lebanon, the project aims to contribute to overcoming the multi-layered crisis and building a more peaceful and stable future through supporting local-level stabilization, social cohesion and a (inclusive) future vision for Lebanon. In order to contribute to an inclusive reform discussion and to support concrete initiatives to build trust, foster cooperation in service delivery and support social cohesion, the action has the following three concrete objectives:

  1. Initiating and facilitating (reform) discussion on a future vision for the county, common values and its political and economic system
  2. Engaging broader societal groups in cultural and dialogue activities to address (past) misconceptions/ stereotypes and build outreach for an inclusive future vision
  3. Supporting local level dialogue and cooperation to develop and implement concrete initiatives relating to service delivery, transparency and social cohesion

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Dealing with unprecedented economic, financial, and humanitarian crises in Lebanon, requires strengthening relations across social divides including religion, political affiliation, age, and gender. In response, it is crucial to bring together diverse groups through broad societal discussions, community collaboration and planned events to discover one another’s opinions and positions, to share common experiences, and to agree on mutual interests.

Partners and Funders

  1. The project is funded by the EU Delegation in Lebanon.
  2. The project is implemented in close cooperation with Lebanese local NGOs, local authorities, and other national agencies and institutions.


The project combines three tracks of intervention on national and local levels, and includes various societal groups.

  • Dialogue format: Together with our partners, we initiated a high-level dialogue process between influential figures and experts to discuss political and economic reform options as well as a future vision for the country.
    Learn more about the high-level dialogue.
  • Societal outreach: We engage community groups in initiatives and activities to address prejudices, respond to grievances and overcome barriers.
    Learn how we address past misconceptions.
  • Local committees: We fund a selection of participatory projects for social cohesion that foster dialogue, trust, transparency, and good governance in local communities.
    Learn which projects we support.



Project lead

Feras Kheirallah
Senior Programme Manager, former Representative Beirut Office (on sabbatical)
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Team members

Ali Anan
Sonja Neuweiler
Maria El Sammak


Media contact

Florian Lüdtke
Media and Communications Manager
+49 (0) 177 7052758
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