Collections group publications together in virtual reading lists, including our flagship Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation.

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Our publication series looks at the intersection of National Dialogues and three cross-cutting issues: climate change, digitalisation, and protest movements.

National Dialogues at crossroadsA series

This series analyses how to best integrate cross-cutting topics in the design of National Dialogues and how to meaningfully include specific societal groups.

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Peace education resourcesTeaching and learning materials

From classroom materials and curricula, to pedagogical theory, the Berghof Foundation develops resources to support peace education. In this collection, you can browse resources in a number of languages that will support your efforts to bring non-violence, conflict sensitivity, and other peace-related themes into classrooms and different training settings.

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Peace March in Bogotá, April 2013

Inclusive Political SettlementsPapers series

Several background, case study, comparative and policy-related publications were produced within the context of the IPS project. They were written by researchers from our partner institutions, ‘insider experts’ from former power contenders, external experts, as well as the research coordination team at the Berghof Foundation.

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Berghof Transitions Series

The Berghof Transitions Series was initiated in 2008, and originally included case studies produced for a research project on “Resistance/Liberation Movements and Transitions to Politics: Building a Network of Experience”. It has provided a unique space for “insider experts”, i.e. stakeholders in past and ongoing peace processes around the world, to reflect critically on their own experience in conflict transformation.

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Handbook Dialogues

Handbook Dialogues raise key critical issues which are then debated among scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and world regions. Typically, a Dialogue includes one lead article on a topic. Four or five other experts, from a range of perspectives, then contribute shorter responses to that article.

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Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation

The Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation offers a continuously updated online publication platform for both academics and practitioners to review the state of the art, discuss new ideas and exchange experiences in the field of conflict transformation.

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National Dialogue Handbook

Grounded in a series of contemporary case studies, this Handbook aims to contribute to the nascent debate about National Dialogue, bringing together insights and expertise from diverse regions. In doing so, it seeks to present systematic reflections and offer practical advice.

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Nexus of peacemaking and constitution building

How does peacemaking, particularly that includes mediated peace negotiations, interface with constitution making in practice? What lessons can be drawn from each field to inform the other? How and when can practitioners in each field work together for better outcomes? What challenges face attempts to coordinate actors in the two fields?

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