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Volunteer cleaning action in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

One year since the full-scale invasion: What Ukrainian civil society activists have to say

We spoke with civil society representatives about how they found ways to support their communities and what they need from the international community.

  • feature 23 Feb 2023
Protesters at the 2021 Pride march in Kiev, Ukraine.

“It will be harder to deny LGBTQI+ members of the military equal rights after they have risked their lives for the country”Interview with Tetiana Kasian, head of a Ukrainian LGBTQI+ organisation

Read how members of LGBTQI+ communities can contribute to peacebuilding and reconstruction efforts in Ukraine.

  • feature 22 Feb 2023
Young Ukrainians support each other in a youth project organised by STAN. 

“Young people have a great potential to drive change”Interview with Yaroslav Minkin, founder of a Ukrainian youth organisation

Read how young people can play a decisive role in Ukraine and how best to support them.

  • feature 14 Feb 2023
Participants of the interfaith rehabilitation programme "Restart" at a session called “Making connections – expressing solidarity".

“Only when you understand the past, can you define a vision for the future”Interview with Taras Dzyubanskyy, Ukrainian expert on interreligious dialogue

Read how religion can promote understanding and resilience in Ukraine.

  • feature 2 Feb 2023
Mural in the city centre of Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine that is called "Volunteer kindness".

Divided or united?The impact of war on Ukrainian national identity

Our consultant Mariia Levchenko interviewed civil society activists across Ukraine on the impact of war on Ukrainian national identity.

  • blog post 20 Dec 2022
  • Author(s) Mariia Levchenko
A ceramic rooster on top of a kitchen cabinet that survived aerial bombing in Borodianka. The rooster became a symbol of resistance for many Ukrainians.

Peace for Ukrainians means their own resilience to withstand aggression:Interview with Ukrainian peace researcher Tetiana Kyselova

To support Ukrainian peacebuilders, international organisations need to listen to local activists and their needs.

  • feature 3 Aug 2022