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31 Aug 2017

Multicultural and Secure Urban Areas: The Importance of Global and Local Connectedness

Security Dialogue Project - Background Paper

Nicosia was once a flourishing meeting point of cultures, ideas, art, and culture. It was home to many and the light of the Island. Yet urban diversity and the continued socio-cultural expansion have ignited pivotal questions regarding how best to manage diversity and plan urban growth, while developing community projects and government policies that ensure sustainable, harmonious, inclusive, and secure shared urban public spaces. This is particularly true for the Cyprus case, with Nicosia.


Derya Dilara Akguner


Ahmet Sözen, Jared L. Ordway


Experts from social science, psychology, urban sociology, urban planning, architecture and a range of disparate fields have insights into the subjects of social cohesion / connectivity and the design of public spaces. These are informed by research. Users of such spaces also have insights. Innovative approaches when designing urban public spaces and managing diversity are necessary to foster social harmony within these re-created and shared spaces.

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