Luxshi Vimalarajah

Senior Mediation Advisor - Track 1-1.5
Negotiation and Mediation Support

Photo of Luxshi Vimalarajah

Berlin, Germany


Luxshi Vimalarajah is a Senior Peace Mediation Advisor at the Berghof Foundation. Since 2003, she has been both conceptually and practically involved in designing, leading, and facilitating dialogue and mediation processes and providing negotiation training and on-demand support for negotiators, advisors, special envoys, and mediators involved in peace negotiations. As a scholar-practitioner in mediation, providing mediation support to third-party mediators is a strong pillar of Luxshi's work, ranging from policy advice to knowledge provision, capacity-building, technical and thematic support.

Previously, she spent several years accompanying peace negotiations and national dialogue processes at track 1 and track 1.5 levels in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Turkey, Yemen, the Basque Country, Northern Macedonia, and Colombia. Currently, she is involved in discreet processes in Europe and Asia.

She led the conceptual work on National Dialogues and Insider Mediation (including faith-based mediation) at the Berghof Foundation. She developed the UN-DPPA/Berghof Foundation project “Mediation and Constitution-building” and co-wrote the Primer on the subject. Since 2006, Luxshi has been leading the global engagement with opposition and resistance/liberation movements, where they are trained in negotiation skills and negotiation topics.

She represents the Berghof Foundation in the global Mediation Support Network (MSN). Luxshi is also part of the Initiative Mediation Support in Germany, a consortium consisting of 5 German organisations advising the German Foreign Office on issues related to mediation and mediation support. Currently, she is part of the standing working group on mediation of the Advisory Council on Civilian Crisis Prevention of the German Government.

Luxshi Vimalarajah holds an MA in Political Science from the Free University in Berlin.


Luxshi Vimalarajah ist Senior Mediation Advisor - Track 1-1.5 bei der Berghof Foundation. Als Mediatorin war sie bereits an Friedensverhandlungen in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar und Jemen beteiligt. Sie entwickelt und unterstützt Dialogprozesse (insbesondere Nationale Dialoge) konzeptionell wie praxisorientiert und bietet Verhandlungstraining sowie bedarfsorientierte Unterstützung bei Verhandlungen. Gemeinsam mit der UN Mediation Support Unit entwickelten sie und ihr Team einen Leitfaden zu Verfassungs- und Mediationsprozessen für Sonderbeauftragte des UN-Generalsekretärs.

Luxshi Vimalarajah hat einen Masterabschluss in Politikwissenschaften von der Freien Universität Berlin.