13 Mar 2016

Transitional Justice and Reconciliation

Lessons from the Balkans

The book presents empirical studies, theoretical discussions, and practical experience from initiatives for dealing with the past in the region of former Yugoslavia. It engages scholars and practitioners from the region, as well as international experts, to reflect on the achievements in transitional justice and obstacles that characterise efforts to deal with the past. Drawing variously on empirical studies, theoretical discussions, and practical experience, their contributions offer invaluable insights into the complex relationship between transitional justice and conflict transformation.


Martina Fischer, Olivera Simić

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Contributors: Tamara Banjeglav, Dinka Čorkalo Biruški & Dean Ajduković, Klaus Hoffmann, Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović & Sanja Čopić, Jelena Subotić, Miodrag Zivanović, Will Bartlett, Briony Jones, Martina Fischer, and Olivera Simić

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