THE BERLIN MOOT – A conference pioneering new approaches to peace: 17-18 April in Berlin

THE BERLIN MOOT: A peace conference on 17-18 April

15 Jul 2015

The FMLN and Post-War Politics in El Salvador: From Included to Inclusive Actor?

IPS Paper No. 14

Twenty-two years after the signature of the Peace Accords, the Front has the greatest share of power in the country: first, as a legal and legitimate party that can aspire to each and every one of the popularly elected positions from which it is possible to carry out the expected changes; and secondly, as the governing party – after winning the presidential elections for a second time and having obtained several mayorships, as well as ample and at times majority presence in the Legislative Assembly.


Carlos Guillermo Ramos, Roberto Oswaldo López, Aída Carolina Quinteros


In this transition from an excluded to included political actor, has the FMLN continued to be an inclusive force? Has it internally allowed citizens to express their different positions and participate in leading the State and the country? To what extent have the needs of the excluded groups of Salvadoran society been placed on the agenda of this new Front? These are the questions to be addressed in this paper.

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