THE BERLIN MOOT – A conference pioneering new approaches to peace: 17-18 April in Berlin

THE BERLIN MOOT: A peace conference on 17-18 April

17 Jul 2013

Security Arrangements Before, During and After Negotiations

A Strategic Framework

This strategic framework was developed during the 4th Meeting on Negotiations "Security Arrangements before, during and after Negotiations" held in October 2012 in Berlin. The paper is based on the input and the discussion among all meeting participants, which were later complemented with insights and examples from the literature. We hope that this paper gives a clearly arranged overview on the different aspects to take into account when thinking about security arrangements, including setting, actors, strategies and timing and provides readers with practical examples and hands-on ideas for their own context.

Vanessa Prinz, Luxshi Vimalarajah, Katrin Planta


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