11 Nov 2019

"Insistimos en la paz"

Roles, retos y oportunidades de la sociedad civil colombiana e internacional en el proceso de paz en Colombia

From a practitioners' view, the article analyses Colombian civil society's role in the peace process against general functions of civil society, especially in peace processes. Colombia's vibrant and diverse organizations play different and potentially complementary roles, while reflecting the country's dividing lines along levels, regions, and ideology. In Berghof Foundation's conflict transformation work, civil society actors co-shape, even in less visible roles than other sectors, various elements of the peace process acting, among other roles, as watchdogs, incubators for democracy, intermediators, dialogue practitio­ners, and in peace infrastructures.


Barbara Unger


Hispano-Americana 64, edited by Roland Spiller / Thomas Schreijäck

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