21 Apr 2023

Sealing the cracks

An intersectional feminist perspective on digital peacebuilding

This paper fills a gap in existing literature and practice: it brings together expertise on intersectional feminist approaches to technology with intersectional feminist approaches to peacebuilding.


Krystel Tabet, Mira El Mawla, Claudia Meier, Helena Puig Larrauri, Rita Costa Cots


Berghof Foundation, Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung / Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation


Scholars and practitioners have explored how an intersectional feminist perspective delivers more impactful peacebuilding and how it mitigates bias and harm when applied to digital technology.

This explorative study investigates how these two perspectives intersect in digital peacebuilding. We explore how a theoretical framework that seeks to analyse how different aspects of social and political identities create unique but often overlapping forms of discrimination, can amplify the opportunities and reduce the risks of digital peacebuilding.

The study is conducted by build up and commissioned by the Berghof Foundation and the Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung/ Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation.

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