Peace process

A series of talks, agreements and activities designed to end war or violence between two groups. Peace processes may include formal and informal mechanisms, and involve a multitude of actors often over a long period.

Peace process

See also: Dialogue, Mediation, Negotiation

From peace support to peace process support: evolution of a term …

Initially, peace support operations were introduced to complement or replace traditional concepts of peacekeeping as third party military interventions based on the consent of the conflict parties. Peace support operations came to encompass more robust mandates for peace enforcement, but they also shifted towards recognising the importance of civilian support for UN peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations.

Since then, the focus of “peace support” efforts has increasingly evolved to include more medium- and long-term efforts by internal and external actors, ranging from process-oriented support such as dialogue and mediation to establishing more institutionalised infrastructures promoting human rights, rule of law or multiparty democracy.


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