Nazih AL Chami

Project Officer
Middle East and North Africa Unit

Photo of Nazih AL Chami

Beirut, Lebanon


Nazih AL Chami is a Project Officer at Berghof, focusing on the "Strengthening Local Governance and Vertical Social Cohesion in Lebanon" project. Nazih holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from the Lebanese University, combining his creative skills with extensive project management experience. Prior to joining Berghof, he worked with OXFAM GB in Lebanon, managing and implementing development projects aimed at fostering social cohesion and economic resilience. Additionally, Nazih has collaborated with various other international and local NGOs, enhancing his expertise in community-focused projects. He has a proven track record in project management, stakeholder engagement, and data-driven implementation across diverse settings in Lebanon. His work is characterized by a deep commitment to community development and a passion for enhancing local governance through inclusive practices.